We have begun deploying ZCM to remote sites/subnets. I've set up a Satellite Server using SLED at the remote site. The workstations are Win XP SP3. I'm able to remote in to the workstations just fine. They are able to pull down policies, refresh on cue, and download check for updates just fine. I've set the Satellite up to handle the subnet for these (and other) workstations.

I'm having some issues with a File Bundle not putting text files in a folder on the machine. I cannot decipher where to look for answers. In the ZCC the workstation error log repeatedly has the following message:
Failed to process action: Unable to read beyond the end of the stream.
Yet when I look in the local store, I don't see any error corresponding. The Severity is set to Managed: Debug and above. Where do I start looking to troubleshoot this problem?

Second, where would I check for problems with this file bundle on the Satellite server or the Primary server? ZMD-messages.log is not referencing this issue on either machines.