Can I post such a question here? doesn't seem to be any other appropriate
location for physical layer issues, and I thought since we talk about
packets and bits and bytes here, perhaps this is as close as I can get.
Unless you can recommend a more appropriate venue???

anyway..getting lots of errors and collisions on my ethernet network, which
consists of several 3com 10/100 switches, and a bunch of 3com unmanaged
10/100 hubs. hubs aren't "cascaded"; each connects to a switch port;
servers all connect directly to the switch, set manually to 100mbFD. Hubs
all connected at 100mbHD. (so there doesn't seem to be any duplex
mis-matching). The 3-com network supervisor software reports lots of errors
and collisions on 2 of the 3 switches. I can tell which ports are showing
the errors, and from which hub the errors are occuring...but from that
point, its rather difficult to determine which workstation(s) is/are causing
the problem.

I know someone here has mentioned the sniffer "ethereal"...wondering if that
can help me narrow down the problem. I have an old copy of "lanalyzer"
kicking around somewhere, but I don't know if that'll even run on my XP

Oh, the other thing I came across is an article on MS's KB, talking about
intel cards on XP causing lots of collisions. wondering if this could be
the case, as we have many Dell desktops w/ intel cards. anyone run into
this? did they fix this issue in more recent driver versions?



ps: sorry if its just totally inappropriate to discuss such issues here.