Dear Sir, Miss,

We have an NW5.1 server, with BorderMgr 3.5

We updated the system from NW51Sp4 to NW41Sp6. Additional patches are:

o NLS603ft
o NW56up3
o flsysft9
o PURGE_NW (Fileattribs veranderd, files gepurged in _NETWARE volume)
o TCP583jref2

After applying these patches some rule/filters are not working:

* before we could surf to sites without using the proxy. Now we have to
set the vrowser to use the BM as a proxy server. Mozilla tells it is
resolving the domain, but it can not be loaded
* we could do POP3 to external servers, most of the times it does not work
* Citrix access to our Citrix server is not possible anymore

I compare the filters.cfg (current and a old on from backup): there
seems nothing changed

We found this article (about lost packets):

1) Any suggestions? How can we add\use EVENIZE_ON? It is not possible to
set the parameter bij INETCFG. And it is not normal to change the

2) Any suggestions about BM3.5 and the problem I described?

Martijn Wenke