I have a small problem.
I installed nbm3.8 as fw/vpn server. I'm currently testing the setup. I
enabled the vpn and I can successfully connect and work on any machines
in my network. We have a multiple vlan network. So what I did is create
static routes for the vlans that I need to communicate to. I had to
enable dynamic nat on the private interface. I saw that in the forum
but I'm not sure if it's correct to do it this way?
So now I have vpn working. I want to setup my firewall and test my
I setup a pc on the vlan of the nbm private interface and the nbm
private ip as my default gw. I can't ping anything except ip's on the
vlan I'm in? What could be the problem? I tried unloading ipflt to make
sure it wasn't filters. It still doesn't work. I have ospf enabled in
the inetcfg. The router ID is my private interface.
What puzzles me is that when I'm connected via vpn I can ping and see
all vlans but not when I'm directly connected on the lan?
Does any one have an idea?