Can any body help a poor perplexed Scot? I have a problem with a site
that recently moved to a new ISP. The ADSL connection is up and running
OK. The filters were corrupted, that is, they would not save amendments
and when I looked in DSBROWSE, there were far more PF entries than there
should have been. I deleted all the PF entries via C1 and ran BRDCFG to
start afresh. HTTP and HTTPS - OK, NTP - OK, External GW IP (not Web
Acc) connecting OK, GRC.com shows everything in stealth except port 1677
which is set to open as I am listening for the external GW clients. Ok
so the problem is that I can receive mail, but cannot send any. I have
looked at the route.cfg file, edited and re-created the DNS Query and
Resp filters, created pairs of SMTP Mail Out and Mail Out Resp filters to
no avail. If I unload ipflt, everything works. I have copies my setup
from CJ's book - still no luck - HELP!