Have encountered an interesting situation: redhat have supplied an RPM with unresolvable dependencies so when I do

root@sa-aifs215 ~]# rug update
Resolving Dependencies...

ERROR: Dependency resolution failed:
Unresolved dependencies:

Upgrading openib-diags-1.1.0-7.x86_64 => openib-diags-1.2.7-7.x86_64[rhel-x86_64-ws-4]
There are no installable providers of (any) libopensm.so.1(OPENSM_1.5)(64bit)[[Any]] for openib-diags-1.2.7-7.x86_64[rhel-x86_64-ws-4]
openib-diags-1.2.7-7.x86_64 is scheduled to be installed, but this is not possible because of dependency problems.
Marking this resolution attempt as invalid.

Which is not Zenworks fault but the above means that rug wont install ANY of the updates in the catalog. I tried to 'rug lock-add' the problematic packages but this still fails

Is there a way in zenworks to filter out certain updates so the rest can proceed? (RHN's up2date allows this) Or tell rug to do what updates it can rather than fail all of them? I've googled and read the docco but I couldnt find any reference