I have just recently moved a GWIA and WebAccess Box from the DMZ to the GW Server on the private side of the network. GWIA and SMTP Working Fine - STATIC NAT on the Public Int of Border of 2nd PUBLIC IP Works great.

Problem is - with the static NAT in place on pub int for the 2nd IP Address, an Internal application that has to connect to a host out on the internet stops working. If I remove the STATIC NAT, The App works, but no SMTP for GWIA - WebAccess works because of reverse proxy.

So heres the layout of the land

ISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) 172.xx.xx.x on Public side of Netopia Router, 192.168.xx.1 Private Side of Netopia.

DMZ Server did have 192.168.x.2 running WebAccess and GWIA,
After GroupWise 2nd Domain Cleanup - changed IP Address to 192.168.x.99 - still needed for NDS at this time - but will be going away.

Border Public IP 192.168.x.3 with 2nd 192.168.x.2
Border Private IP 170.xx.xx.x (Registered IP Address space on private network)
Static NAT on Pub Int of 192.168.x.2 170.xx.xx.25 GW Server.

Static Route on Border Server for Internet App
Default Gateway on all hosts - manually assigned - No DHCP - is borders private IP.

Any suggestions for the app that quits working while the Static NAT is in place.