Im new to this forums but I could really use your help.

Im currently trying to prepare an image with integrated ZCM-Client for a new series of pcs. I tried to follow the tutorials and hints around here, but still couldnt find a solution to one specific problem:

After deploying the newly created image via ZENworks to a clean workstation, the workstation wont get an ip-address by dhcp so that its only possible to log in locally. If I manually fill in a static address everything works fine. I further tried to do a pxe boot to determine whether or not the network card is broken, but this time successfully got an ip-adress. So I rebooted and tried to log in again, same problem as before... By now tried to deactivate/activate the device, applied new drivers and deinstalled/installed tcp/ip but nothing changed.

Its interesting that, when I deployed the exact image to a virtual machine (vmware), the nic problem didnt occur.

Here is what I did to prepare the image:
- Installed Windows XP SP3 incl. Updates
- Installed ZfD-Client
- Installed Applications
- Installed ZCM-Client
- zac fsg d
- ran ziswin.exe (clear image safe data, save, just image setting: no)
- deleted local guid backup files
- created image with ZENworks after a reboot

Btw. the same problem occurred when I tried to prepare the image by installing the ZCM-Client without ZfD-Client being installed first. In that case the workstation I used to prepare the image wasnt able to get a dynamic ip-address either.

Thanks in advance