I am having problems after configuring a mirrored folder to a drive on another server:

I have configured the mirrored folder as:

type 'file'
id 'rd2'
title 'Service Desk'
rootPath '//otherserver/folder'
readonly 'false'
allowed users 'admin'

Once configured through the installation I then add a 'Mirrored File Folder' selected the mirror in 'Manage - Modify this folder' - Did a manual synchronise, it thought about it for a moment and then came back with nothing.

Just in case it was to do with File permissions on the folder I was connecting to I mapped it as the Z: drive under the local admin (with my network credentials connecting the folder) I then reconfigured the installation with the rootPath as 'Z:/foldername'

Same issue no synchronisation wants to happen - I don't know what to do - is there some authentication that I'm missing?

Running Teaming 2.0 on a virtual server environment (VMWare Server 2.0. OS: Windows 2003 R2 SP2) The teaming server is added to the same domain as the file server I am trying to mirror.