I'm having a rather strange problem. I'm running a Novell Open Enterprise Server, Netware 6.5, Server Version 5.70.08, Support Pack Revision 08 with eDirectory 8.8 SP4, NDS Version 8.8 SP4. The server is located in a High School and is part of a tree that extends over most of the county, but all of the students log into the server that is physically on site.

For some reason, a few accounts have been coming up with \ after the user name. On machines with LDAP loaded it immediately comes up with an error saying it's and illegal eDirectory name. I can find no rhyme or reason to the error, as all of the accounts are created with templates, and I noticed one of the errors came right in the mist of creating five other accounts, with only one having the \ at the end of the name. In another case an account that was working suddenly appeared with the \ at the end of the name, preventing the student from logging into the server. I can delete and recreate the account, which seems to solve the problem except for one user as I left his original account on the server so I could examine the problem, then suddenly his second account developed the same problem. Where he was for example JoSmith I made another account for him as JohSmith and both now come up as JoSmith\ and JohSmith\ Of course he now cannot login. I'm not seeing this problem with the rest of the 1500 or so students and have verified that the problem is repeatable with and without LDAP configured, on Versions 4.91 SP2, SP4 and SP5. All of our machines are running Windows XP with SP3 loaded and virus protection behind our enterprise class firewall. Even so I checked and I'm not seeing any sign of virus activity. I have also checked with the other schools and I seem to be the only server with this problem. Anyone have any ideas?