Thanks to Jared Jennings offering to give me a hand on the
authentication problem i was having, (see my thread from Nov 6, and an
earlier one about Kerberos from Oct 6) I decided to sit down and do a
VERY CAREFUL server build concentrating on MONO involving a full re-read
of the installation instructioins....

I found that although I was aware of the Primary server requirements -
in particular the required files---. It seems that I read the warning
to update mono using the script in the mono directory on the
installation media as the way to install mono - period. In all the
installations I did I used the script then happily went ahead and
installed ZCM. Somehow the server seemed to work - except for the
problem I ranted about.

When I actually made sure to install all the mono files found in the
mono directory - had to mess with a couple of dependencies on SLES 11 -
the server seemed to run MUCH better.

I guess that following instructions is a GOOD thing....