Hi all.

I know there are more than a few threads on here about passthrough authentication etc, but I haven't been able to find a solution so far for my similar problems. I hope someone can point me in the right direction!

Running ZCM

So logging in does not do pass-through auth correctly - I am not logged in when I arrive at the desktop. If I right click and try to login, I am presented with the message: Unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect.

I believe the certificate is correct as the ZMD-MESSAGES log file shows:
Found certs for host zen-dev1.devdomain.mydomain.com]
Subject in certificate is : CN=ZEN-DEV1.devdomain.mydomain.com, OU=ZENworks
Found certs for host
Subject in certificate is : CN=ZEN-DEV1.devdomain.mydomain.com, OU=ZENworks
Found certs for host zen-dev1
Subject in certificate is : CN=ZEN-DEV1.devdomain.mydomain.com, OU=ZENworks
Found certs for host zen-dev1.devdomain.mydomain.com
Subject in certificate is : CN=ZEN-DEV1.devdomain.mydomain.com, OU=ZENworks

ZENGetHostNames returning SUCCESS
Retrieved host names are:
Found host zen-dev1.devdomain.mydomain.com status: Good
Found location status: Good
Using location status: Good
FindFirstContent() returning
Found zone server https://ZEN-DEV1.devdomain.mydomain.com:443/ to be good, continuing
About to call ObtainAuthToken
ZENGetAuthToken entered. Host = zen-dev1.devdomain.mydomain.com
ObtainAuthToken using Luid value: 0:12028915
ZENGetAuthToken took exception: -939589605 System.Exception: -939589605
at Novell.Casa.Client.Auth.Authtoken.ObtainAuthToken( String sService, String sHost, WinLuid luid)
(obviously this is just a snippet)

ZenLGN log shows:
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:22:969] ZenLgnLoginUI entered
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:22:969] It would appear that we have been called from the ZenNotifyIcon process (ZenNotifyIcon.exe)
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:000] WTSLoadDLL called!
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:016] WTSLoadDLL returning
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:078] IsWorkstationConnected entered
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:109] IsWorkstationConnected returning 0
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:109] Calling ZENGetAssociatedRealmNames
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:125] ZENGetAssociatedRealmNames returned
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:125] Found Realm : livedomain.mydomain.com
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:125] Found Realm : ZENworks Zone
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:125] We found 2 realm(s).
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:125] Calling ZENIsServerAvailable
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:172] Returned from ZENIsServerAvavilable
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:172] RetrieveUsersCachedZenName Entered
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:172] Create the value name
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:172] szLocalUsername: john
, szLocalDomain: livedomain
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:172] Read the path
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:172] RetrieveUsersCachedZenName returning: 0
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:172] Found a user cached Realm name: livedomain.mydomain.com
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:172] Cached realm name is in the list of realms. Use it
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:172] Passive Login Failed: 0x0000001F
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:172] Launching the ZEN login dialog prompt
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:172] ZenLgnLoginInitDialog entered
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:23:187] ZenLgnLoginInitDialog returning
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:26:312] Received window message - WM_COMMAND - OK button hit.
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:26:312] ZenLgnLogin entered
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:26:312] About to call ZENLogin in agent service
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:29:594] Returned from calling ZENLogin in agent service
ZENLGN [10C-B6C] [14:53:29:594] ZenLgnLogin returning 1244

The user source has a green light in ZCC, and I have specified it at the top level (O=livedomain.mydomain.com).

I can ping the server using IP or FQDN, but have added the entry to hosts file just in case.

Any advice would be appreciated and I can post more logs if needed!