We have been mandated to move from a Novell NetWare environment to <another vendor> Active Directory.

One task presented is to uninstall ZENworks for Desktops and Novell Client 32 4.91 SP2 (with post patches) from the Windows XP SP3 workstations. We have approx. 300 or so clients to do this.

I have found the following batch method to uninstall these components without user intervention to work so far, except for two things that will be mentioned further down:

1). Unregister the workstation from NDS -
"c:\Program files\Novell\zenworks\zwsreg.exe" -unreg

2). Uninstall ZENworks for Desktops (not sure if the last two are older version product codes) -
Msiexec /X {3567E3EC-405A-4BAB-9B9C-9968AA55C19D} /passive /norestart

Msiexec /X {86C0FCF8-4325-462A-BCDB-DAFAFC15C783} /passive /norestart

Msiexec /X {6464ECCD-020E-4651-B42F-3DE7876D8210} /passive /norestart

3). Remove NICI "silently" since uninstalling Client32 via ACU prompts a user response -
"C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Driver\11\Intel 32\idriver.exe" /M{F02DBC5D-33E3-45E9-B0F8-B7745229ED1C} /uninst

4). Uninstall Client32 using ACU and calling a canned ACU.INI

1). After the acu.exe is run and supposedly completes, the workstation does NOT reboot. When I do an install of Client32 using acu.exe with a different canned ACU.INI, the workstation reboots. What switch or parameter needs to be modified to allow the reboot to work?

The canned ACU.INI for uninstalling has the parameter "YES" for all components except for NICI.

2). MOST IMPORTANT - Has anyone accomplished a similar scenario of removing Novell Client32 from a large grouping of workstations using an automated process, AND, experiencing workstation UNSTABLENESS??
The concern is that once Client32 is removed, the workstation is unstable - I've read of this concern back in the days of Win9x, but found nothing yet regarding Win2K or WinXP workstations.

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your assistance, and Happy Thanksgiving!