I've got an error 1096 in sbe user administration page.
(flash player added at ff at console)

Create a new user like:
Username: ONE, ..., First name: Oliver, Last name: New
Then click check boxes for eDir, eMail, samba, iFolder, etc.
Everything ok.
Finish page.
Open user administration page one more:
all checkup boxes are ok.
User name ist displayed as "Oliver New" (not as username "ONE")!!!
Close page.

Login from workstation as username "ONE" is ok.

When I now open the user administration (at console or from workstation browser), the page will be updatet, several blue/white bars for each application like eDir, iFolder, samba are runnig,
but in the first column "eDirectory" the check at checkbox disappears,
all gets grey and an "error #1096" is displayed. Other checkboxes left checked.
The user name ist displayed as "cn=ONE.ou=users.o=..." not as "Oliver New".

I tested following:
If I log out as this user from sbe and go back to user administration, the user is displayed as at the beginning without error and eDir checked.
This is the same with another user created there.

Because eDir will cancelled after login, all worstation installation fail.

Is this a bug concerning Novell syntax firstname + lastname as username,
and the linux syntax?

Has anybody an idea how I get a stable user account/login?
Changes in eDir user or whatelse via iManager?