We got a request yesterday from my boss's boss. He was wondering if
the fairly new bldg wide paging system (that's tied into our phone
system) could be used to run a 'continuous informational loop'.

Thinking it probably could be, but we were suspicious, figuring someone
wanted to pipe xmas music throught the building & parking structure ALL
day long. Boss went to find out more info on what they wanted & to
tell them it would probably be kinda difficult to set up. Sure enough,
*some* user wanted to pipe xmas music throught the ENTIRE bldg,
probably for the next 2 months.

I told my boss yesterday that if they were going to do that, I would be
taking all of my sick time and would come back to work in February.
Guess that got a laugh out of my boss's boss.

Some people! Not everyone thinks xmas music is so wonderful.