I heard yesterday (my sister e-mailed my wife) that my mother's "hard
drive" was broken. Talked to my mother, found out that someone at the
retirement community hyad been working on her computer and called to tell
her it was broken. Now, he was looking at her computer because she couldn't
access her e-mail. I had looked at the computer a while back and found that
she couldn't log in to her e-mail because she wasn't supplying the correct
password. She says that she doesn't remember ever setting a password, and
she had been accessing her e-mail by clicking on a icon (that has
disappeared). I told her to contact Cox to get her password reset, which
she didn't do.

So, anyway, this guy is trying to recover her e-mail access and decides he
needs to clean the insiode of the computer cabinet (she says he says that
the fan was so dirty it had stopped running, although she hadn't noticed
any problem other than the e-mail access). Somehow or other, cleaning the
cabinet required removing the heat sink from the CPU (and from the
evidence, he had to really work hard to pry it off).

So, I spent most of today trying to find and setup a new PC for her. Only,
she wants the data off of the old drive, which is IDE, and the new computer
has no IDE connector (despite what the Asst. Manager at Office Depot said).
So now I'm waiting for an external drive case to ship. I hope that tomorrow
is more restful.

Donald Albury