We are running WinXP Pro SP3 with Novell client 4.91 SP5 with all the current patches up to nwfilter 1. We have performance problems accessing a Windows share running Server 2000 SP4. The shares are authenticated via AD but the workstations are not in the domain. The issue is that after the workstations are idle a bit in regards to that windows mapping, they take several minutes to wake up when trying to browse. Overall access times are also noticeably slower. Machines without the Novell client or with older version do not have this issue. We are currently testing the age old trick of tweaking the provider order but it does not seem to be helping. We are also trying turning UNC path filtering on and off.

Is anybody else seeing this? Any suggestions? I know the current (beta) nwfilter was a complete re-write but I am wondering if it is the culprit. Logic says that if the MS provider is before the NW Client, it should not matter.