The problem:
A whole lot of address book's Office phone number entries overwritten
and differing from the new phone number entry after the upgrade to GW8,
only noticed after SP1 was applied last week.

Background details:
a GW7 address book made of staff of the company, with users copied from
the GroupWise Address book. (Most but not all staff are in the GW book,
some in the GW book are not staff, editing details of the GW book can't
be readily delegated)
The original eDir/GW book entries have the person's extension as the
telephone number/office number. They were copied into the 'Staff' book
and the office numbers edited to be either their DID or back door + Ext
number so that they would all work well for the BlackBerry users.
Now there are entries in that 'Staff' book where the summary page shows
Phone: as their DID, and Office as just their extension as was in the
original eDir/GW account, and the DID number is nowhere to be seen in
the Contact details. The Blackberry use of this address book has been
totally broken as a result of this.
Now if ones goes into each Contact, put the DID number back in the
Office field and mark that field as the Primary, we will have it fixed
the way our client wants it, but that will take a lot of effort to fix
and how many others were affected.

Andy Konecny
Konecny Consulting Inc. in Toronto

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Challenge yourself beyond what others think is right"
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