NetWare 6.0 SP4
BM 3.7 SP3

After applying BM37 SP3, the stateful filters in the firewall gets very
Browsing becomes very labile, downloading fails, Rconsole connections die
3-5 seconds (typically after typing some 3-8 characters), Citrix connecting
fails etc.

We have also seen this before, after appying the
BorderManager 3.7 Field Patch3D (TID 2967153 - bm37fp3d.exe)
on top of BM37 SP2.
After removing the Field Patch3D, things got back to normal.

Also this time, after removing the SP3, everything works OK again.

We have partially been able to walk around the problem,
by adding static reply-filters for the relevant protocols.
That is why we think that the problem relates to the firewalls
handling of the dynamic port-handling in the stateful-filters.

But we have a lot of protocols and filters in use, an it's rathter
inconveniant not to have the stateful function working.

Adding either Field Patch3D or SP3 drastically compromises
the stateful filter function. Removing them immediately solves the problem.
In other words, stick to SP2!

Any ideas?