BM v3.7 Sp1 on NW5.1Sp6

I currently have 3 filters setup for SMTP mail in and out.

SMTP out
SMTP response back

They are setup to only allow to/from Host with ip address of

I need to change these to allow SMTP out & Response to be any system on the
10.10.10.xx network. to allow outgoing users pop 3 access for a specific
applications that does not work with GW5.5, but works with Outlook 2000 or
GW6.5 but can't upgarde yet.

I have a choice of any address or network, I think network would be a better
choice, herein lies the question, it wants a ipaddress, I not sure what to
put here.

I think I put with subnet address or from
network) but I am not sure.