NW6SP4 and BM37SP3... After much reading, I decided
to completely delete all filters and start fresh.. Found Craig's
tip: Unload ipflt, ipxflt, filtsrv, inetcfg to disable ipx/ip filtering,
renamed etc\filters.cfg, verified good current builtins.cfg,
nwadmin32 to delete NBM rule entries, saved current filters
to file, verified filters were gone....etc... All is well.

BRDCFG to recreate default filters... Error message:
One or more IP filters were not created.. IPX seems to work
fine. FILTCFG sometimes finds everything but the Public interface
deny statements. I can't manually create anything with FILTCFG.
FILTSRV Migrate will move the filters into NDS.
FILTSRV_BACKUP_FILTERS file.txt will contain IPX filters and
exceptions, and IP exceptions... I'm stumped... B.