Is it possible to let the general user population run ncpcon in a
limited fashion vi sudo?
I require that users be able to check what other users have files open.
So I only require them to be able to use 2 parts of ncpcon (files and
For example:
ncpcon files list f=/media/nss/SANVOL1/file1.doc
Connection User Name Rights
2 .CN=jeffg.O=ORG.T=OBJECT. 0x1

connection 2
Connection Information
Connection Number: 2
Name: jeffg.ORG
Login time: Mon, Nov 02 2009 09:03:28 am
Network address: IP

P.S. My gut is no as it is only one command; but that would be a nice

Unless there is some other tool for users to check who has files open,
instead of bugging admins'. ;)