My corporate anti-virus system is automatically updated and need to set up a
packet filter exception to allow it through.

Below is a part of the debug screen that I'm sure is messing things up. The
aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd on the destination address is the public IP address of the
BorderManager 3.8 server that I need to poke the hole it. I'm hoping that
there is a stateful solution to this but right now, I'm at a loss as to what
to do.


************************************************** **************************
INBOUND packet to "Discard"
Protocol Type=(TCP) Protocol Flag=(PSH ACK)
Source Address=( Destination Address=(aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd)
Source Port=(21) Destination Port=(1634)
Source TOS=(ftp-control) Destination TOS=(Dynamic)
Source Interface=(3) Destination Interface=(3)
Source Circuit=(57413) Destination Circuit=(0)
Source GroupID=(0) Destination GroupID=(0)

Discard filter rule from "Filters" list
Filter Protocol Type=(IP)
Source Interface Type=(BOARD) Destination Interface Type=(Any)
Source Address=(Any Address) Destination Address=(Any Address)
Source Interface Number=(3) Destination Interface Number=(0)
Source Port Range=(0-0) Destination Port Range=(0-0)
Source TOS=(Reserved) Destination TOS=(Reserved)
Source Group Name=(None) Destination Group Name=(None)
Source Group ID=(0) Destination Group ID=(0)
Source Remote System ID=(None) Destination Remote System ID=(None)
Source Circuit=(0) Destination Circuit=(0)
************************************************** **************************


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