I'm trying to test different ways of deploying the ZCM agent. Deploying the agent using a deployment task works flawlessly but there are also circumstances where we might night to manually install the agent. I believe I've followed the instructions given in the ZCM documentation but the test workstations always goes undiscovered. Here is what I'm doing for a manual agent deployment.

1. Install ZCM pre-agent from http://<server name>/zenworks-setup

I've tried both the "network" and the "complete" install. If I'm reading the documentation correct, this is where you go to download and install the agent manually.

2. Complete agent installation and reboot

3. Configure "Advertised Discovery settings" to check every 30 minutes (minimum allowable)

4. Add the IP of the test worksation to "Advertised Discovery Subnets"

5. Wait for the manually installed workstation to be discovered

The end result for me is that the test workstation never gets discovered. I am able to manually register the test workstation by running a "zac reg", but I'm looking to get the discovery working.

Here is what I've also found in the documentation...

Only those devices with the pre-agent installed respond to an advertised discovery; devices that have the full ZENworks Adaptive Agent do not respond to an advertised discovery.

Am I installing the right agent? The executable is named "PreAgentPkg_Agent.exe" so it looks like I'm downloaded and installing the correct thing. But it seems to automatically downloaded and install the full agent.

The pre-agent will only be installed on OEM devices or on devices whose registration was removed from the Management Zone

From my point of view, the pre-agent is only installed on machines that I install it on. What do OEM devices have to do with anything?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!