Hi all,

We currently have ZDM7 on Netware with eDir.
We will be moving to ZCM.

Netware was nice because the edirectory replication was great across sites; servers - we automatically had redundancy as if one site died, the other site could continue to run applications from ZDM using it's database.

It seems that ZCM has some issues with this high availability as I can't find the best practice for database redundancy (I suppose this is an issue for any services that use databases across sites, not just ZCM). So if we were to use SQL 2005, we can have a cluster, but this would be on one site only. If the site went down, ALL sites would not be able to access the database.

Is there anyone out there with multiple sites, and if so how do they deal with the database backend to ensure high availability? Our sites are mostly in one city, but are major sites. We can't lose them all if one site goes down.