(Sorry, I am reposting this because somehow it got posted as an
addition to another thread instead of a new thread. Sorry for the

I need to change the public IP address on a BorderManager 3.7 server.
I believe I want to do the following:

1. Make backups of the netinfo.*, Tcpip.cfg, gateways, resolv.cfg

2. Export the filter exceptions I have from eDir using

3. Use the resulting text file and search through it for the old
Public IP then replace it with the new public IP.

4. Use C1 to delete all the filters in eDir under the NBM Rule

5. Unload ipflt, ipxflt and filtsrv.

6. Load Inetcfg and change the public IP address. (Will this update
the gateways and tcpip.cfg file?)

7. Restart the server.

8. When it comes up, load NWAdmin and change the public IP address on
the Bordermanager Setup tab of the server object to the new IP address.

9. Using the filter exceptions modified in step 3, rename it in the
sys:etc dir to filters.cfg, then unload filtering modules then do a
filtsrv migrate. This should put my filters back in eDir with the new
public IP. The problem with this is that the names I gave the filters
in eDir will have been lost during the export and so on import I will
just get unique numbered eDir names, right? Any way to preserve the
eDir names for the filter exceptions?

10. Not sure what else.

I have done this before without the eDir component (IE with BM 3.6 and
earlier) and was successful. I am just trying to figure out what needs
to be done with the new wrinkle of having the filter exceptions in NDS.

Any comments would be appreciated.