OK Shoot me.....

We have a NW6SP3 server with BM3.7SP2

Some of our filters (or one) corrupted and then nothing was working.

So I deleted all filters with console1
I then migrated in the basic 3.7 set

I have created all the filters for
DNS, ftp, NTP, NNTP, Ping, Reverse HTTP on 2nd ip, https on 2nd ip
so on and so on... They work fine

I've Used Craig Johnson's filter book (great)
along with TID 10013822 to build the filter exceptions for GWIA

No matter what when the filters are up i get 450 host down
I bring them down and I can get through.

I can always get mail in (filter up or down)
It's just going out that is the problem

route.cfg has our domain name and the name of our internal DNS Server

resolve.cfg also has the domain name and internal DNS server

TCPIP.cfg has the internal card being bound first...

Just found something funny
I can ping from the internal gwia server to an outside ip no problem
When I try to ping from the BM server itself It can resolve the DNS
name - but no response - maybe a dns response ????

any thoughts.........? Thanks Joe