I am looking for a program or procedure to move a Workstation Object from the current OU... to an InActive.OU... with the help of a script.

Background. When the ZENworks 10 Agent is installed on a PC the old ZENworks 7 Workstation Object in eDir still exists. And the Helpdesk does not see that it has been migrated. And it makes it easier to find the workstation not yet migrated.

My idea is: When a user first time logs in into ZCM (after login in eDir) he starts a script or program that reads the FDN of the old eDir Workstation object and moves it to an InActive.OU.. SubContainer.

Of course the logged in eDirectory User needs appropriate rights to move the object.

I would like to keep the old Workstation object as reference for the old Inventory data, the assigned software packages and User history.

I was searching for a while but did not find a solution for it.

Thanks Klaus