There seems to be a maximum on the number of .fil files when an ZEN7 app is migrated. We have a number of very large apps with upto 16000 fil files.
They all fail to migrate, when I check the bundle it says the .fil files could not be found.

This causes the dbsrv10 to jump to 100% and to stay there forever it seems.
I have found many people with the issue of high utilization on bdsrv10 in this forum. But I couldn't find the solution.
When I stop the zenloader service dbsrv10 util drops to 1%, when I restart the loader, after 5 minutes the dbsrv10 jumps to 100% again.
In the loader log it says the fil files could not be found.

I have returned to a previous VMware snapshot not and skip all apps with more than 2000 fil files.

Is this really a limitation?