Well, hard to name the topic, but.....

Ok, new office with initially 10 pc's and now another 10 pc's added,
Users running Win7/64 towards a NW/65sp8 server.

Zen10, patched/current on site;

Inital 10 pc's went fine, registred and installed zen-agent OK.
Now,, starting to add another 10 pc's, strange things are happening;

1. Some PC's re-register as different PC's upon random restarts,

I.e; PC-011 becomes PC-012/13 etc after restart in Zac

PC's take other pc's ID in Zac,
I.e; PC-015 registers as PC-011 even though PC-011 is allready there?

This happens even when manually unregistring/re-registreing the PC.

PC's ARE named quite simply as PC-001,etc,,etc onwards
but,, in Zac still the PC's above PC-010 (first batch of ten) behaves
this way.

All pc's were installed through sysprep the "ms-way" so it's not the
same "image times ten". Instead each sysprep do create the unique name
and user upon install.