I have installed the latest SOAP Groupwise developer package, with NetBeans 6.7 and Java SDK 6u17. I've run the JAX-WS example application (JClient) with the test credentials you mentioned in this forum ( / user1 / user142) the login worked fine.

Then I tried to login from JClient to a test Groupwise 8.0.1 installation which is a copy of a productive environment, and this invariably fails with "HTTP Gateway-Timeout 504 Error". I checked with ConsoleOne that the POA of the test installation has SOAP enabled. Connecting with the Groupwise client both on 1677 and 7191 seems to work fine, using the same credentials that I try to use in JClient (empty password, as both the global password and the LDAP server access are disabled).

Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong, or any advice on how to debug this further? I currently do not have access to the machine where the POA runs, so I could not see the logs.