Hi all: Many of my users complain of slow login times. Our
workstations are HP DC5000's running Windows XP sp3 (fully
patched), novell client 4.91sp5 and zenworks client 7.0.1
sp1 hp4 ( Our servers all run NW6.5 sp8.

I have completed some VERY LIMITED testing of login times:

Login times in Seconds from GINA screen to loading of
zenworks client.

Login with NMAS enabled:
2:10 - after restart
0:57 - after logout
1:57 - after restart
0:58 - after logout

Login with NMAS disabled:
2:23 - after restart
0:56 - after logout
2:09 - after restart
0:56 - after logout

Here are some general observations from the above data:

1. Login times are fairly consistent;

2. It takes roughly 100% longer to login from a restarted

3. Logins using NMAS are nearly the same as without NMAS;

4. Also observed during login but not shown in the data is
that the period of time from the GINA screen to the start of
my login scripts is roughly one half the total login time.
This is just a blank blue screen with the mouse pointer.

I suspect that caching of some sort is responsible for the
reduction in login times between restarts and logout
situations. The data also shows that we have a working NMAS
implementation (I already knew that) as login times are
consistent with or without NMAS enabled.

So here are my questions for you:

1. Do these times look ok?
2. Can I improve the login times post restart?
3. Why does it take so long from the GINA login screen to
the start of the login script?
4. What tricks or suggestions can I implement to reduce
login times without removing functionality (e.g. tuning

Thanks for the help. It is greatly appreciated. Chris.