We migrated a very busy 4-5 year old Netware box onto a brand new 64 bit OES 2 Linux VM (running under SLES 11 64 bit Xen). The server in question is the ONLY VM running under Xen on very fast, new hardware.

While the NSS file read access time under the VM is about the same as the old Netware box (dissapointing performance on the new VM, but acceptable) the write performance is about 50% slower, using the same NSS settings.

Please reference the following Novell blog post for someone else who has seen very similar behavior from NSS:

Migrating from NetWare to OES2 SP1 Linux in XEN VM | Novell User Communities

Has anyone else seen this behavior with NSS under a Xen VM? Has anyone else performed similar modifications (or other hacks) to improve write performance with success?