My clients do not have a Novell client installed on them. We setup a samba share on our OES II sp1/Suse 10 SP2 server called /zsoft.

In the SAMBA server portion accessed via YAST, we added a share called "software" which points to /zsoft. Under/zsoft we have the gw801 repository.

the windows PC's can access \\gw01\software\gw801.

Users can traverse to \\gw01\software\gw801\win32 and run setup.exe which silently installs the new groupwise software correctly. This tells me my samba share is working properly.

My problem is I cannot seem to get ConsoleOne Software Distribution Directory configured correctly. I've tried running ConsoleOne from Linux and from a windows machine to configure the correct UNC location and nothing works.

My post office is on that same Linux OES II box, but all other GW modules are on Netware (at the moment).

On the Linux ConsoleOne, if I browse to the location of my linux box (/zsoft/gw801) and leave it at that, the clients get the error message listed below.

On the Linux ConsoleOne, if I INSERT \\gw01\software\gw801 as the UNC path and supply /zsoft/gw801 as the linux path, ConsoleOne changes it to /mnt/gw01/software/gw801.

In all cases when the client tries to run their old version of the Groupwise client, they are informed that "there is new Groupwise software available, however, you cannot currently access the new software to update"

My question is (considering the windows machines appear to be able to connect to the share ok manually) what do I have to do to consoleOne (and from what platform) to get it to properly have the linux PO see this repository while at the same time allow my windows clients to also see it and to know there is new softare and to automatically update themselves with that software?