This is not a new circumstance, but in the process of tracking down some
performance issues in GroupWise, I was reminded of this issue:

I have ten servers running Netware 6.0 SP5 and eDir or
Three have 2GB of RAM
One has 3GB of RAM
Six have 4GB of RAM

If I look at the NRM Health monitor, three of the servers that have 4GB of
RAM show a yellow "suspect" status in the "Available Memory" listing.

In all 3 cases, the values for "Current" and "Peak" are nowhere near the
"Max" value, but in the case of the healthy servers, the numbers are along
the lines of:

Current: 1,571MB
Peak: 978MB *
Max: 2,047MB

Whereas the suspect servers all show a much lower figure for "Current".
Current: 936MB
Peak: 810MB *
Max: 3,839MB

I assume the "Current" values are dynamic, but it's odd, nonetheless.

In all cases, the Suspect and critical threshold values are the default (990
and 495, respectively).

Is this merely cosmetic or indicative of an actual problem?

I've looked through past posts regarding memory and do not find anything
that matches what I see.