I have seen several questions asked here on this issue, but not really
answered (the people with the problems seem to disappear before the answer
can be learned).

I have BM 3.8 on NW6 with SP3. I am running Dynamic NAT on the public
interface, and have FTP proxy enabled.

When I attempt to access any FTP site from either DOS, FTP Voyager, or an
antivirus client, I am unable to connect. If I unload IPFLT at the
server, NAT steps up and handles things correctly as I am able to connect
using all of the above listed methods.

I am running the default BM filters that were created during set-up,
specifically the ftp-port-pasv-st on the public interface, dest port 21,
src addr type Host with the IP address of the public interface and a
destination address type of any address.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I would sure like someone to tell
me. Thanks!