The other night, my wife yelled to me that my daughters computer was on
fire, I ran up to her room where there was a haze around the box. I turned
off the power strip and disconneted the computer to open it up. I found a
lot of dust bunnies but nothing felt very hot. I cleaned it out and put it
back on line. Then yesterday my daughter called to say her computer
wouldn't boot, the power switch glowed yellow ( a Dell Deminsion five years
old) but nothing else. I could tell that the power supply fan came on but
nothing else. I again took it into the basement to work on it. Again it
wouldn't boot just the power supply fan would come on. I unplugged the
power connections from the motherboard and reconnected them. That got the
machine back up, but I noticed scorch marks on the four pin (JPW) power
connector for the mother board. Is this thing going to burst into flames?
or was it some dust burning up?