I was working on a NetWare 6.5 server that has been removed and reinserted into the tree. Part of the process of bringing it all the way in is to rebuild the server certificates and PKI with PKIDiag.

On launching PKIDiag I received the normal login prompts, answered them, then watched as PKIDiag was "processing login" for @ 10 minutes before it closed and returned to the colon prompt without error. I received the same results when using my admin ID and "the" admin account.

Troubleshooting followed the normal steps - dsrepairs, add/remove replica's/reinstall service pack & NMAS - nothing changed.

In DSRepair I noticed that this server had a status of "Down" for 2 other nodes in the list of "Servers known to this database" Trying to repair the address from both side of the connection failed with a 626 - turned out to be a firewall rule. Had the firewall rule fixed and all was good.

So something to file - pkidiag will not login, pkidiag doesn't login, pkidiag not processing logins, - check that the affected node can talk to other servers and repair any communications issues.

I didn't think that was going to be the problem but it most certainly was. Fixed, completed server build, moved on to something more productive :-)