Our logins here have been ridiculously slow lately. Its not always 100%, but kinda intermittent. Sometimes it takes upwards of 15 minutes to show the icons in the NAL after the splash screen shows. On top of that, a few workstations (not always the same ones) will not map any of their drives, reporting errrors such as "An unexpected error has occurred: 15 (8819)", 8804 errors, and a new one I got today was 897c when trying to map a drive.

Im more concerned with how long its taking for the NAL to load though. Sometimes kids cant get logged in during class time its taking so long. Sometime when they do finally get it loaded its missing half the icons and in offline mode. Changing it to online and doing a refresh on it doesnt always bring all their icons up.

AFAIK, the policies are all configured correctly. Ive done packet traces and it doesnt look like tree walking is going on. SLP is working, DNS, etc. Im not sure what else to check. Everybody is getting really worked up here by how badly stuff is running lately. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We are mostly SLES10 SP3 with OES2 SP2. ZDML 7 SP1 IR4 on the server.