I've setup a Restore location and assigned Trustee Rights
to our POA. From what I've read, this should support an
Administrator in ConsoleOne restoring all email to an account.

I'm wondering about the GW Client option of selectively
restoring files, using the Open Backup feature.

- If someone were to use this feature, do they need explicit
Trustee Rights assigned to their User Object? (Or is this
included with membership in the PostOffice?)

- Also, if explicit Trustee Rights are needed (to use the
GW Client feature) what is the best way of doing this?
- Assign Rights to Users as needed?
- Assign Rights to everyone at once?

- Are there any issues (Security or otherwise) that would
discourage assigning Trustee Rights to everyone?

- If assigning to everyone . . . is there a particular object
that would best be used? (Container object? Everyone
Group Objects? etc.?)