At a customer´s of us we use for fireawlling Intranetware 4.11 and
Bordermanager 3.6, both with their respective latest patches, no proxy
For an online-banking program to work, it needs to locally initiate a
https connection (Port 443).
The proxy relevant filter exceptions of the bordermanager installation
have been left originally, as they already allow (without the proxy
being installed) browser-based https as initiated by webservers for
access to password protected sites.
For the locally initiated https communication I set up a filter
exception exactly as specified in "Outbound SSL Filter Exception for
Internal Hosts" in Craig Johnson´s book "Novell BorderManager: A
Beginner's Guide to Configuring Filter Exceptions", Third Edition,
Revision 2 November 27, 2002, page 184.
After that not only the online-banking program doesn´t work yet, also
browser-based https communication is blocked entirely.
What have I done wrong?
Thanks in advance for your help
Albrecht Ermel