I am trying to create a cluster with shareable storage. I have configured two XEN OES2 servers and would like to cluster them. When I try to add the second node into the cluster i get Failed to find SBD partition. I think i know why but I dont know how to fix the problem. These virtuals are both on the same machine HP ml350 g6. I have two LUN's setup on this physical box. One for the base SLES and the XEN virtual's and one LUN for NSS. How can I share this NSS LUN to both of these XEN servers? I can attach it to Node 1 no problem and see the cluster.sbd. But when I try to attach the same LUN to Node 2 it says it is already in use by another guest.

Magic I see you are around in this catogry to if you dont have an answer just wanted to say Hi. haha