Hello All, I am running SLES 10, with ZCM 10.2. I am trying to get PXE imaging working, and so far, I have failed. I have read the Novell documentation, and I am failing to see my error. On the same LAN, I have A netware DHCP server running, and the SLES 10, ZCM 10.2 server is of course running the proxyDHCP services. On the same lan the SLES 10 ZCM 10.2 server is 192.168.218.xx5, my netware dhcp is on the same subnet at 192.168.218.xx1 (I just don't want to give the two different fill ip's).

Acording to the Novell documentation, since my DHCP server and my proxydhcp are on two different machines, I should just have to start on the sles 10, ZCM 10.2 server:

/etc/init.d/novell-proxydhcp start

And I should be good to go. It does indeed start. When I boot my PXEClient, I get the error message:
"No boot filename received"

Does anyone know what I am missing.

thanks in advance.