I wanted to post my findings with everyone regarding the ZCM Agent and LightSpeed Security Agent.

I know a lot of schools are moving to this platform... so if you're also moving to ZCM... READ ON. Your hair will be spared a glorious amount of pulling.

Here's how to get the two to play nice.

Get yourself to 10.2.1 on the agent side.
Get your LightSpeed servers up to 7.03.09
in your security agent policy
configure an exclusion for the following.. Actually just copy and paste the following:

C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\bin\ZenworksWindowsService.e xe,C:\Program Files\Novell,C:\WINDOWS\system32\iprntlgn.exe,C:\W INDOWS\system32\iprntctl.exe,C:\WINDOWS\system32\i prntcmd.exe,C:\WINDOWS\system32\iprntcfg.exe,C:\Pr ogram Files\Novell\ZENworks

That much will help out drastically.
Onward to the agent side.
One thing i picked up was that not all our agents were getting my LightSpeed server exclusions. Grrr.. fixed..
deploy this:

reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lightspeed Systems\SecurityAgent" /v "Use Lightspeed" /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

This bat script will tell the agent to NOT use as its update and force it to use yours.

Again with the client pc..
open a cmd and do an "update -f" AFTER you pushed out the above reg script.

Lastly do a "scan -c -u "C:\program files\novell" "
it'll go thru about 2 thousand files (literally) and then ZCM will be "Known" to LightSpeed.


After all the above I have gone from anywhere from 1 -2 min login to 20 to 30 second login.

You should also have LightSpeed scan your clients every night to ensure it sees the policies left in the ZENcache folder.

For all those saying "wait you just said in the beginning to exclude that folder c:\pro~ \novell\..... so why am i going thru all these trenches?? "

Remember you're simply telling LightSpeed that there's no viruses in there. The Security Agent will still give ZCM grief because apps from that folder are pulling in and pushing out info... They have to be "known" to LightSpeed.

So start the awkward introductory process.. Do the above if you have ZCM and LightSpeed.

Special thanks to Aaron from LightSpeed for all his help and also Shaun Pond and Craig for their insight into this one.