Hi Guys,

Just went from 10.2.0 to 10.2.1, and now our 320s are freezing durring the Linux boot (both from PXE and boot CD).

As it is easier to play with the boot cd, I have been diagnosing from there.

When booting from the CD, it would freeze on the blus splash screen just after selecting manual from the menu.

So I added splash= to the command line to disable the splash screen and see where it was freezing.

The line it is freezing on is:
ACPI: Power Button (CM) [VBTN]

I tried adding PCI=NOMSI as that is what fixed it on the previous version, but no love.

I tested with ACPI=OFF to see what would happen, and it gets to the hash prompt, but no HDD, so that's no good either.

The 320 has been updated to the latest BIOS.
I am using the November driver package from Novell.

Any clues?