Maybe someone here can benefit from my pain! I had the original WordPress
1.x app on my iPhone. When version 2.0 came out, I just deleted 1.0 without
thinking, and installed 2.0. I had not been able to connect to my blog from
the iPhone app since then. I could easily connect via Safari, the blog was
working fine, etc. The error was just "gateway timeout" - and sometimes I
would get a popup asking specifically for the location of the xmlrpc.php
file, and then that would fail as well. I have also customized my template
quite a bit, so I reverted to the "default" template just to see if that
would allow a connection, but it was not to be.

Today a new version 2.1 came out, and one of the "fixes" was connecting to
some URLs (or some other vague description like that!). I was very hopeful.
Still nothing. Once again it asked for the location of the xmlrpc.php
file, so I went hunting in the directory just to verify I was pointing to
the proper location. That's when it hit me! Being the cautious type, I had
a directory called wp-includes.old and one called wp-content.olc, etc. I
deleted those old directories and voila. The app connected immediately. It
seems that these extraneous directories were causing the troubles.

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