Psoted thsi yesterday in installation forum, but I found oner more problem, so now posting it here again with the new info.

Just installed a new BM3.8 (netware 6.5sp1)to make it the new outside firewall from a dmz. on the dmz side interface there will be 4 different ip net (2 192.68-class c nets and one 192.168.xx.xx/
I found that all ips adresses will be loaded on the dmz, but
1: they will be shown only as secondary ipaddreses, but they are fully different ip nets. Maybe this is normal?

2:found that i can only ping the first bound ip address inside the dmz. the other ip's are not reachable, even if i try it from a host in the same subnet.
example: the first ip i bound is
it is reachable from other hosts.
second i bound is, so tried to ping from, but it wont answer.

I also found that diasabling the ipflt will bring the ping to work. I cant understand, normally internal interfaces marked as private should answer to hosts from the same subnet (how else should the proxy work?).

I did a port scan ont the new bm from outside, found several ports OPEN, e.g. port 80, ldap and more. So also the bm seems to use the as public defined interface as an internal private interface.

Also the current productive bm3.6 which has the same nets is working without those problems.