I'm trying to remove a crashed NW6.5sp7 server from my eDir tree.
I have currently 4 (was 5) servers all running eDir 8.8.2.

The 5th server crashed and is totally dead. That server was part of a replica partition. WAHK.WASD... it was the master of that partition. My other 4 servers are in this replica. But this is obviously not the root replica.

I've tried to open C1 in replica and partition view.. but I get "the resources are insufficient to perform the requested operation"
So then i go onto the server console
dsrepair -a >>advanced>>replica and parti...>>highlight the partition i want to destroy>>viewreplica>> the server i want to delete is not there.. which would be WASDNETWARE5 (He's the dead one)..

So what do i do now?? Please take a look at the pic i uploaded. The end result i want is to destroy .WAHK.WASD completely. The other 4 servers are in this partition though, so my scary question is, if i delete all these servers out of that partition (which is not .root) will that destroy my eDir tree and the servers??

The other 4 servers do appear in the root partition though.

Have i confused you enough?
Thank you for any help you can provide.