Hi All

We had some problems with suddenly having multiple primary domains.
We had NTS fix it for us, they changed the type of one of the domains, and rebuilt them afterwards.

After this, we have a user on a remote site that has it's own PO that's gone invisible.
He can still log in, he can send mail internally (so he must be in ngwguard), and he can also receive internal replies to his mails.

But the domains doesn't know of him, so he can't receive mails from the internet, and he doesn't appear in the global addresslist.

So, how do I proceed. I can erase the mailbox as he has only a few mails, which I can archive, and put back by using the FID manipulation, but I want to make sure that I do it properly.
The best solution would of course be that he reappears, the life isn't always perfect :-D