You know that feeling you get sometimes when you think you've witnessed
greatness? I'm having that today (well I've been having it since at least
September when I first started listening to this - but moreso in the past
week because I've been listening to it almost every day). If you are into
any of the following types of music, then do I have a treat for you!

Eclectic Rock
Poetry in Lyrics
New Orleans sound

Then you need to hear Joe Henry's latest album, Blood from Stars. I've been
trying to write down all of the lyrics to put in my collection, and was
having some trouble "getting" a couple of words, so I went looking to see if
I could find some additional renditions that could help, and I happened to
find this and submit it for your listening pleasure

If you only make it through the first two tracks, I think you'll be glad you
did, but the entire show is well worth listening to.

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